Dominican Diary 5: Clean and Crisp

It’s no secret that I love white clothing and when worn with a tan well that’s just my favourite time of year!

FullSizeRender 43

I bought this Missguided bardot dress with a boho print in the middle and which runs along the edges, last year. Every time I’ve worn it I always seem to channel my inner 70s style by teaming it with my black fringed sandals from River Island and an occult necklace from Primark. I just love the look especially when it’s completed with a little duffle or cross body bag.

FullSizeRender 41

When I wore this in Dominican Republic I wanted to wear the look again as white looks sophisticated, effortless and clean cut. I decided to wear the same fringe sandals but decided to put part of my hair up to create a softer look and to not allow the humidity to influence my hair.

FullSizeRender 40

The thing about white clothing for me is that it just looks elegant, grown up and timeless. I feel that white clothing create chic outfits with minimalism. A double white look is one of my favourites to channel.


This look is one of my favourite holiday looks because I felt sophisticated and a lot taller than I actually am. The metallic creased floral top from Zara is cut beautifully along the edges of my shoulder and the floaty and sheer effect of it teamed against a very white a-line skirt ( from New Look) looks more like the high end of the high street. I decided to wear my silver mules as I quite like that the silver metallic shoes are clashing with the rusted gold within my top, I also love that the mules make my legs appear longer and stops the look from appearing too rigid and formal.


I feel that white is a polished colour and if you pick timeless pieces of clothing like an a-line skirt, tank top, wide trousers and shift dress in this hue, you’ll probably find that you’ll always come back to these pieces for your everyday wardrobe and for your travel closet.

I chose to take these two white outfits as they both gave me a really clean look as well as giving me two different silhouettes (and looks for that matter).

FullSizeRender 44

I know many people who don’t like to wear white whilst they have a tan but I personally find that this colour gives me a lot of confidence,  it offers simplicity and I love how it highlights my tan making it look fresh. I’m probably more drawn to white clothing as I love the contrast it offers to my hair. But for holidays it is definitely a colour I like to wear a lot and it reminds me of summer – so embrace it!

This is my final Dominican Diary ( does this mean the holiday’s really over?) and I have to say that the country did not disappoint, especially with all the perfect blogging back drops ;)!

What is your go to colour for a holiday wardrobe? Let me know what you think about these looks.

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Dominican Diary 4: Red and Ruffled




I found this Boohoo red ruffled dress fro £20 just two days before jetting off on my Caribbean trip – ASOS next day delivery really does come in handy in times of need!

I just liked the the exaggerated ruffles at the top of the dress which is balanced out by the A-line cut. The ruffles are more prominent and look more high fashion because of the bardot style. The bardot was important as it allowed me to have a longer line silhouette and not to be swallowed up by the ruffles.

IMG_8603  IMG_8598


This dress also made me feel like Madonna in the La Isla Bonita video, and who doesn’t want to chanel 80/90s Madonna when it comes to fashion?!

I kept my accessories simple with this look and my hair tucked behind my ears as I didn’t want the look to appear untidy. I chose silver accessories as I think gold would have made the outfit look tacky.

FullSizeRender 38

FullSizeRender 37

The Dominican Republic has become one of my favourite caribbean locations and I honestly can’t wait to visit again!

FullSizeRender 39

I like to use these luxurious locations as a time to unwind and relax the soul. But if you are more into exploring then there are plenty of water excursions available and if like us you could visit the Soana Island which is like a private island and was utter wanderlust! It had beautiful palm trees and the most cadet and cobalt blue sea I think I’ve ever seen! If you have seen my Instagram account you would have seen that I compared the trip to a vogue shoot – really it was that fabulous!


One trip was enough for me as I just wanted to be on our resort, relax,  soak up the sun, sip on cocktails and do a bit of karaoke ( but I’ll spare you the details on that!) If you’re thinking about going to the Dominican Republic make sure you take your vitamin B tablets well in advance as you don’t want to have bites the size of satsumas like me!



Let me know what you think about this look and if you’ve ever been to the Dominican Republic and what your favourite parts were!

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Dominican Diary 3: The Playsuits

Before jetting off to the Dominican Republic, I did get a tad bit obsessed with collecting playsuits, but that obsession was quickly put to rest.

I managed to find some absolute steals from ASOS, Boohoo and a little label called Parisian. Me being me, I just had to have them. I also love playsuits for a holiday as they’re comfortable, usually easy to throw on and don’t require any additional statement accessories.

Playsuits also remind me of the holiday time and I think it’s now become tradition to wear at least one whilst abroad.


I found this black floral playsuit on ASOS under the Parisian label. For £22 it was perfect and I wanted to embrace darker colours on this particular holiday. I love the ruffled hem at the bottom, the toe up waist details and the plunge neck detail makes it more sophisticated and perfect for a night out on holiday.

IMG_8518  IMG_8523

I kept the accessories simple with my metallic heels and silver hoops. I personally think it was a cute look with an sprinkle of sass.


I bought this ASOS bohemian playsuit last year for my holiday in Bali, but the relaxed fit just made it perfect for a chilled night on holiday and sometimes you ultimately just need to choose a funky print and feel comfortable. This is the perfect playsuit to dress up and down, I think i’ll love it for many more years to come.

This oriental blue playsuit is made so beautifully and I feel so classy whenever I wear it, but for this particular look I opted for my blue choker necklace from Topshop to oomph the glam factor and I wanted really dressed down hair, so I wore it in a low fishtail plait – I was channeling my inner Nicole Ritchie.

FullSizeRender 36

Finally, I chose this white playsuit from Boohoo which I believe cost me no more than £15! I loved the pattern and the top part of it has a really nice slightly oversized relaxed fit. This is perfect for holidays as you want to dress up but don’t always want to look too overdone. This allowed me to style my thin layered choker from Primark to create quite a 70s style.



The wide sleeves on the playsuit is flattering and is only cut to my elbow which stopped me from looking like a bat. I was initially drawn to the yellow outline in the sleeves, which really stands out against a white background and an array of quite matted colours. I also think the yellow outline could make people mistake it for being on the more higher end of the high street – such as Zara. As you know I am obsessed with Zara and am always on the lookout for cheap clothes that have that Zara inspiration all over it.

FullSizeRender 35.jpg

This playsuit is such a statement and looks effortlessly chic. I would wear this in the UK on a summers day with my hair scraped into a small bun and my favourite nude lipstick to create a perfect off – duty summer outfit.

I’m sure you’re fully aware now that I LOVE playsuits. But, I also swear by them for holidays and the summer because they’re versatile and can be worn time and time again. If you’re unsure about playsuits then pick a simple one shade playsuit and use accessories and lipsticks to vamp it up for either the day or evening.

What do you think to these Dominican Republic looks? Let me know by leaving a comment below or on my Instagram account: @indyfierce.

Dominican Diary 2: Essential Floral


IMG_8350I spotted this Missguided dress back in April and instantly just loved the deepness of the navy blue against the sunshine yellow and the fact that it was a whopping £21 was also why I loved it so much. This exact print and colour was all over H&M last year in shorts, tops and dresses. I unfortunately was too late to that party and only managed to find one crippled top left in a size 14. But anyway, a year on I got my mits on the print and a year on I still love it!

Yellow seems like a no-go colour when you know that you’ll be tanning by the seconds. However, a deep shade of yellow like this dress looks amazing against sun-kissed skin.


I decided to wear this on the second night in the Dominican Republic as I had had it for quite some time and was utterly obsessed with it and needed to wear it straight away. I wanted the dress to be the main focal point of my outfit with the backing support of metallic accessories ( and to be honest I just love wearing my occult choker with just about anything this season!)


The cold shoulder detailing opens the dress up, drawing on the plunge neckline which really stands out yet looks ultra feminine. The frilled hemline that is a bit gathered adds to the femininity and gives it a summery flirty feel whilst allowing a generous amount of space in the stomach region – perfect for eating lots of food. The floral print is so bold and creates a memorable yet striking look which I just love. This also helps to make the look more grown up and a relaxed fit is what you need whist on vay-cay.

I’ll be wearing this dress again on summer days and it’s also perfect for summer events where you need to dress up a bit more than your usual attire.

What do you think to this pattern and look, let me know! Come and follow me on Instagram: @indyfierce for more style updates.

Dominican Diary 1 – Boho American

It’s been three days since quite possibly the best caribbean holiday ended. If you’ve seen my Instagram account I’m sure you’re well aware that I was loving life in the Dominican Republic and wearing a variety of summer outfits from retailers that I don’t normally shop at.

My sister and I booked decided on the Dominican Republic as this year’s caribbean location and soon after I was scrolling through ASOS, Zara and Topshop to find as many stylish and cute looks.

At first I was struggling to find anything and then began to worry that I’d be wearing the same looks from my previous holidays – I know real first world problems! But after taking a browse on ASOS, Missguided and Boohoo, I realised there were so many playsuits and dresses that would be perfect for my holiday and at affordable prices too! I didn’t want to spend too much on summer clothes as we’re not always guaranteed a summer in the UK. ( Although today is 31 degrees – HEATWAVE!)


I bought this Boohoo bohemian style cold shoulder playsuit for just £16 from Boohoo – yes it was an absolute steal and the quality of the playsuit is in fact really good.


I decided to team the playsuit with my fringed black sandals from River Island to make the look more boho american, like the perfect Coachella outfit. As usual some silver hoops was enough for me to complete the look. The colours of the playsuit are a mixture of rustic red, burnt orange and navy, which makes the look more grown up and allowed my tan to gleam too. I think the colours and integrated patterns on the playsuit draws on a retro American boho style which I just love and also helps to make the playsuit an outfit which I can wear summer after summer as it’s not a specific fashion piece.

IMG_8310    IMG_8306

It’s important to be comfortable on holiday and this playsuit had a drawstring waist which is almost unnoticeable, tie up straps and cold shoulder details which gives it a feminine edge and is perfect for a relaxing evening out on holiday sipping on all the cocktails and all the inclusive food.

What do you think to this look?

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NTU Catwalk

This evening, I attended the Nottingham Trent University (NTU) Catwalk Show and I was quite honestly blown away by the raw talent of these fashion students; some of them could definitely give Karl Lagerfeld a run for his money!

IMG_8142   IMG_8135

I was slightly envious of the design skills of the NTU students. If I could design, I’m sure Zara would be seeing less of my money and I’d be spending my weekends in fabric shops looking for the perfect material for my next creation.

But that’s enough about me and my dreams, lets get back to the catwalk…


I think I loved tonight’s  show because the different designs which were presented drew on aspects of some of my favourite eras and styles. There was a 50s inspired collection and another which had quite a bit of heritage check, which I just love to see and wear throughout autumn, as it is a timeless style that can be revamped and will always remain classic.

IMG_8136  IMG_8141

Lots of floral, pink and ruffles graced the catwalk alongside a divine red jacket for men which could have been mistaken for a McQueen piece – yes it was amazing! There were many street style luxury garments which were teamed with fishnet socks and ruffles and this made me realise that “street looks” can be still be feminine and it’s all to do with how you style it.


Attending this show opened my eyes to the hard work, professionalism and imagination that students and designers have to produce beautiful and quality clothing for the public. It made me aware that clothes are often worn by people as a fashion piece but are not always respected as a statement of style, a piece of expressive art or even used as a means of communication to bring people together.


If you get the opportunity to attend a NTU Catwalk show you really should go! As a person who lives and breathes style it made me change my thinking.  I certainly became more aware of the time and effort the fashion students of NTU put in to making people like you and me feel amazing when we put on a piece of clothing.

FullSizeRender 33

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Refreshed Floral

Buying clothes is an expensive hobby of mine. Some months I can’t afford to do a lot of shopping and I get those weeks ( like recently) where I want to buy something but i can’t find anything. However, i’m a firm believer that you can revive some of your autumn pieces by applying a few summer tricks.

FullSizeRender 31

I have had this longline floral top from Topshop for years and I have probably worn it a handful of times. But recently I found myself longing to wear it but I wanted it to look fresh.

Therefore, I added my metallic sandals from Zara, some simple silver hoops and a light nude lipstick and to my amazement the look actually looked young and summer ready. Wearing a dress over jeans is the new hip thing to do, but I can’t say I have tried that yet. However, if you’re small like me a longline top will work just as well and if it’s something from your A/W side of the wardrobe then all you have to do is add some playful accessories to brighten the style.

FullSizeRender 30

FullSizeRender 28I love this ASOS floral t-shirt and although the colours seem to be straight from an autumn palette, I decided that black accessories would work really well with this top to create a very casual daytime look. Never underestimate the power of black accessories in summer. I teamed it with my favourite Jamie ripped jeans from Topshop and fringed suede sandals from River Island. I added my Chloe dupe bag to draw on the 70s element of my look a.k.a. wallpaper florals, fringing and a cross body bag.

This look is simple, chic and easy to achieve with any of your winter florals. Sometimes you just need to go shopping in your wardrobe and experiment with different accessories and just refresh the clothing. You’ll be surprised at how different your outfits can be with a bit of sampling.

FullSizeRender 29

How do you update your winter garments for summer?

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Urban Blush & Baby Pink

You might have remembered from last week that I promised to feature my Zara blush dress. Well here it is…

FullSizeRender 20

I bought this back in April and wore it recently to my friend’s birthday drinks. I paired the dress with black strappy sandals and my beloved chain city bag from Zara. I wanted a simple yet spring chić look that had a Carrie Bradshaw feel about it.

Blush is a simple colour to wear during the day and can be glammed up for the night. I’ve decided to show you how I would wear this dress for the daytime.

FullSizeRender 22   FullSizeRender 23

Blush can easily wash you out as it’s a neutral colour. I decided to wear bright orange nail varnish and a taupe lipstick to help enhance the blush tone and to lift the overall mood of the outfit and add a 70s colour scheme. I wanted a relaxed feel to the outfit so teamed this with my metallic sandals from also from Zara. (I’m digging these sandals at the minute- they’re featured with so many outfits recently and I don’t care.)

 I was drawn to the sleeves of this dress and I love that it’s very top heavy and the bottom of the dress is cut really straight. This season is all about arm detail, and this adds attitude to a simple straight dress. I also think the triple ruffle layers on the sleeve sees the Victorian era meet contemporary street style luxe.

IMG_7815  IMG_7825

 This is a simple and stylish look that will keep on giving, if you just play around with accessories, make up and your hair.

FullSizeRender 27 My sister gave me this Zara baby pink playsuit and It’s been sat in my wardrobe for months and only when I tried it on the other day I actually realised its potential and how much I actually really liked it.

 Everything about this playsuit is soft, from the fabric to the cut. This was the perfect opportunity to mix this seasons favourite colour combination – pink and red.

 As the playsuit is soft I wanted to oomph the attitude, therefore, I added a deep red lipstick and my occult silver choker from Topshop. This really allows the playsuit to appear edgier for the day and perfect for an evening out on holiday.

FullSizeRender 25  FullSizeRender 24

 I didn’t want the look to be too much for the day, so I added my metallic sandals again which just keeps the look effortless.

 I’ve loved blush and light pastel pinks for quite a few years now, but I’m really enjoying adding dark lipsticks and silver accessories for a real 90s feel.

 What do you think to the looks? Is this something you’ll be trying this spring/summer?


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White Ruffles

Over the years, I’ve learnt to embrace the simplicity and instant (and insta) cool factor  that a white tee can give to an outfit.

I bought a cropped white tee quite a few years ago and loved it but nowadays I want to embrace a more 90s sitcom look by tucking a white tee into some mom jeans. (Well it’s a shame that I ended up selling my 90s mom jeans on Ebay recently), but where there’s a white t-shirt there’s always a pair of jeans that will work just as well.


However, I found this ruffled white tee in H&M for just £12.99 recently after seeing quite a few of the blogging gals sporting it. I instantly loved that the ruffles added a girlie touch to a simple tee. However, for this particular look I wanted to combine this season’s trending styles: metallic and primary colours to really make my simple look come to life. I also wanted to put my Indy Fierce spin on it too, yes I’m all for trialling new styles but sometimes you need to stay true to your own style.

FullSizeRender 19

To achieve that, I added my blue stone choker  from Topshop, yellow cross body suede bag from H&M and metallic sandals from Zara. A simple white tee really allows you to play with colours in an interesting way that still creates a sophisticated yet playful look for summer.


I also love that the ruffles of my top and fringing of my jeans helps to create a well-balanced silhouette that looks fresh and ready for summer. To keep re-styling your ruffed t-shirt you could always add a slip dress over to keep playing with layers and lengths or just add a simple paper bag skirt to draw in on your waistline and to create a long line silhouette.

Tell me your thoughts on this look and don’t forget to follow me on Instagram: @indyfierce for more style updates.