It Is All About Balance

Food and exercise in life is all about balance. Although the past few months have seen me slacking quite a lot from the gym, that aspect of my life has not been that balanced. However, my looks have been more in order and I am always looking at ways to balance oversized or fluffy pieces with more structured pieces. Fashion should also be balanced…


I realised how little I have worn this white shirt with a D-ring belt from Zara. So I decided to create a winter wonderland inspired style by wearing my grey fluffy cardigan from Zara with this shirt which has some silver tinsel effects on it – perfect for Christmas!

The shirt is simple and the cardigan is quite dramatic but the D-ring silver detailing stops the style looking so flat and bland. It also brings my waist in and I don’t need to worry about looking an oversized pigeon. Skinny jeans are perfect for a fluffy jacket or cardigan as it helps to elongate your legs whilst keeping all attention on the dramatic aspects of the look.


Fluffy and oversized jackets are a good alternative for a sparkly Christmas dress as well. You’ll also find you can wear this throughout spring as well. Or perhaps it will make for a great cover up to wear on nights on instead of that coat you feel like you wear all the time at work.


What do you think to this fluffy look?

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Oversized Jumpers and A-line Skirts

The simplest way to keep refreshing your oversized jumpers throughout autumn/ winter is to simply to embrace the oversized fit with a more structured skirt or pair of fitted trousers which might have a slight frill at the bottom to keep the look quite feminine.


As you are all aware, I love to wear skirts so decided to wear my Zara floral Suede A-line skirt which has a silver zip with a large circle at the top. This teamed with the H&M mustard patterned jumper and my Matalan ‘Chloe faye’ dupe creates a comfortable 70s inspired look which also ticks modernity boxes. I feel like it’s a look that will work for years to come with only a few tweaks to the accessories.


To balance out the oversized jumper, and keep all the focus on the jumper and skirt I decided to wear my thigh high leather boots from Topshop and a deep brown mac lipstick in shade ‘ paramount’ to suit the jumpers yellow hue.


An oversized jumper like this can make for a very stylish yet laid back look when contrasted against some culottes or a middi skirt. I would suggest a plain pleated midi skirt will help to keep the look more youthful and perfect to wear for a more glam night, especially when worn with a statement cross body bag or earrings. It’s the perfect masculine and feminine look which will work year after year.

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Country Tweed

There is something very feminine about tweed, right? I feel like it’s something that you could pull out of your wardrobe every year or every five years and it would pass for a vintage piece and could quite easily give your look a Vivienne Westwood touch. It also strikes me as being the perfect country look fro a city loving girl!


I bought this tweed mini skirt from Topshop a few years back, I couldn’t quite justify the matching jacket price back then but to be honest I didn’t want the whole double combo look for this particular fabric. I wanted to use this skirt as a statement piece for simplistic tops.

I have always created quite a smart and simplistic look with this tweed skirt, by pairing it with a black polo neck. However, this autumn I have decided to use this skirt to form a statement ‘country inspired’ look which is perfect for days copied up by the fire… who am I kidding?! No an outfit to wear for days out or even work.


I decided to team this batwing caramel coloured H&M jumper with the tweed skirt as the brown tone of the jumper helps to bring out the piping outline of the skirt and keeps the style looking quite 90s and classy.

This time I opted to style my look with my silver Marc Jacobs watch with Gold detailing to add a glam factor to the look. But I am looking to mix this tweed skirt with a neutral coloured tartan jumper ( If I can ever find one), that will match closely with the brown tone of the tweed skirt. You should also try this with your tweed clothing – it’s nailing two trends in one and will be a way for you to perhaps shop in your wardrobe.


What are your tweed tricks?

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Keep it Longline

There is something so chic about a longline cardigan and if it is a little oversized it can do wonders to some of those outfits we now label as ‘boring’ or ‘already worn it’.


I have been wearing this charcoal cardigan which I got from H&M mainly with jeans and a colourful tee or plain top. However, I recently dug up my orange paperbag skirt which I bought from ASOS last year and although I really like the skirt, I had to revamp it somehow.

The grey and the burnt orange are two classic colours we see every autumn, but we usually wear an orange jumper and grey tote bag. However, I think this season is all about clashing your colours and seeing what works for you.


What drew me to pairing these two items was the simple fact that they both have a relaxed fit as may cardigan is a little oversized – I wanted comfort and the skirt has a paperbag waist and loose pockets on both sides to give it a street style touch. If you’re going to wear some oversized shapes, then make sure you have a fitted top underneath as this will make the look sharper and still give it shape which is important to me regardless of how oversized I buy my clothes.


This style felt too flat for me so naturally I had to add in some chains and my circle cross body bag from ASOS. You may laugh but I think if you feel that your cardigan is too oversized you can always use a cross body bag as a tool to flatten the style down – it’s worked for me in the past!

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Tuelle Takes Over



I bought this Zara tulle top way back in January – ( how fast is this year going?!) and I personally just liked the pretty aspect of it. The embroidery and tuelle material made it look that little bit more grown up for me and for £19.99 was I really going to try and resist!

I usually wear this top as a more dressed down friday kind of look or for a more savvy shopping spree that may include the option of brunch or cocktails. The pattern just adds a bit of texture and style to a classic floral design which we have seen done over and over again by many designers within the last ten years.


Anyway, I realised that I hadn’t worn the top in a while so I decided that to make it a bit more autumnal, I would add my red suede bag from Zara, a) because I love how sassy it is and b) it brings out the colour of my top and C)… it matches the leaves?

I decided  to wear the top and bag with my New Look corduroy skirt and ASOS western belt to play on textures and themes as it brings a bit of folklore to the style without too much going on. I decided that this look would be perfect for a Sunday coffee stop or for an autumn dinner date at either a  family or friends house.


I could have added more neutral colours to this look by perhaps wearing my grey longline coat which would have created a more longline look and highlighted the top more because my coat is quite a pale grey tone – but there is always next time.

Tuelle is a very feminine fabric and shape. I’m keen to create a Dior look which I saw in Vogue earlier last year, where I would pair a tee with a tuelle skirt and heels, but in the meantime this look will work.


If you use simple cuts of tulle, you’ll realise that this is a style which can serve for many purposes and seasons to come.


What are your statement tuelle pieces?

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The ‘Chanel’ Cardigan

Some fashions like dogtooth, always remain classy and make for a great alternative to checks which is ruling autumn fashion this year.


I remember buying this cardigan well over 7 years ago in a Topshop sale. I knew I really liked it and at the age of 18, I would panic whenever I wanted to wear it as I just didn’t seem to feel satisfied with the looks created.

Nevertheless, it has survived every wardrobe clear out which I have had since. But it’s become one of my more classier pieces of clothing and as the years pass, I love it even more.

IMG_8729   IMG_8731

It almost looks Chanel inspired as I used to wear it with pearls when I was younger ( really wish I still had them now). The gold buttons make it look more expensive than it actually was and the thick deep blue border running along the cardigan  makes it look extremely classy and something which would fit the higher end of Topshop.

Whenever you wear a dogtooth print you will feel like you are symbolising chic bourgeois. I decided to really highlight the cardigan so it felt right to style it with a simple white camisole and high waisted black skinny jeans and smart ankle boots. This is a perfect look to wear for afternoon drinks or for a winter weekend away.


To keep the style looking more higher end, team your dogtooth print with a statement black bag like I have. This Chloé look-a-like bag which I got from Skinny Dip is small yet makes a he impact to the style by giving it more shape and structure.  If you invest in a dogtooth cardigan, you can always wear it more throughout spring by pairing it against some statement shorts – think relaxing break in the French Riveria. ( you can thank me later.)


Tip: Remember to invest a decent amount of money in dogtooth patterns as you don’t want something to look cheap and fade quickly as this is quite a bold look.)

Have any dogtooth tips – then let me know how you style yours.

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Cardigan, camisole, jeans, boots, bag and necklace all from: Topshop.


Alternative Cover Up

Some days it’s freezing in the UK and other days you can forget that we’re actually heading into winter. So how do you plan your cover ups for these unexpected days? I find myself switching between a light bomber jacket to a longline or boucle coat.


But on those days where that winter sun really hits me, it’s time to throw on a poncho  which is both comfortable and makes for a statement look.

I was drawn to this poncho a few years ago in TK Maxx as I loved the aztec print and the tassel details. As it is a more covered up poncho I knew I didn’t need to stress about finding something to wear underneath. I often play it safe and just wear it with black skinny jeans and my heeled boots (both from Topshop) for a more simple boho style. As usual, I can not leave without my silver hoops just for a touch of street style to a classy look.


This year I would like to try styling the poncho with a skirt ( possibly a midi skirt to create a more Celiné style and maybe with some seriously high heeled boots). I love that ponchos add some character to my knitwear section and stops me from getting too comfortable and slightly bored of wearing jumpers and cardigans every day.


I think its best to choose dark blues, greys or neutral coloured ponchos so that you will wear it for a few autumnal seasons and I personally think they look more high quality and stylish.

Do you have any poncho tips?

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90s Chainmail

Chainmail is taking over this autumn and turning up the drama in our wardrobes.


I remember how much I wanted this Topshop chainmail top in 2015. If I remember correctly I wore this for my second blogpost.

I decided that this time I would team it with all black clothing and accessories to keep all the attention on this top. Chainmail really helps to keep your wardrobe exciting during the colder months and reminds me that the festive period is just around the corner -eeek.


This top speaks ultra 90s to me but to keep it looking classy I teamed it with plain black jeans and boots from Topshop also, and my circle cross body bag from ASOS to create a simple city look. If you wanted to keep the look more 90s you could team a chainmail top with mom jeans. However, I wanted to create quite a streamlined look which would be perfect for a day of mixed events and an outfit which has a touch of sass.


I am seeking a skirt with tassels or a feather trim to wear with some of my tops and especially to help me wear this top more throughout winter. That will also help me to create a festive look quite quickly without spending too much.


You may want to pick a chainmail vest top for an evening look which you could team with black wide trousers or culottes for a more dramatic look which includes touches of femininity, masculinity and size. Then you could team it with a dark cardigan for the day and a black high waisted suede skirt to really play with different textures.

It’s time to add a bit of sparkle to your wardrobe!

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Paris Diaries: How Parisians Do Sundays


After two days of blissful weather, it was a bit of a shock to see grey clouds and light rain,  I was more concerned about how my outfit would work as opposed to what this meant for our sight seeing #SorryNotSorry.


But after getting dressed, we noticed the sky clearing, so guess my Vinyl H&M skirt and Marks & Spencer’s pearl sweater ( which I got for just £35) could come out to play. This is a simple take on the classic jumper and skirt look but the clashing of textures and detailing of the pearls, bag and my skirts belt, takes it to a more parisian status. I wore my Topshop leather heeled boots as it was Sunday and I knew we’d be stopping quite a bit – no achey feet here!


This is probably the favourite of my paris outfits because I love high waisted skirts and a good knit. The outfit is also more  sophisticated, has intricate detail and enables me to have a more defined figure and creates an overall streamlined look which is more my style.


We spent nearly two hours brunching because that is what Parisians do on a Sunday and it was refreshing to see how relaxed the environment was, waitresses not rushing to get you fed and out the door or asking you every mouthful, ‘ is the food ok?’ The poached egg and goats cheese breakfast choice combined with the sweet hot chocolate was enough for me to forget about my morning addiction to green tea.  Honestly, the french know how to relax on a Sunday! I took some tips and we’ll see if I can weave some of them into my usual Sunday routine.


We then headed for a stroll, whilst aiming to reach the Galeries Lafayette (at some point) which is home to many of my favourite designers such as: Marc Jacobs, Chloé and Tom Ford. It is the place of fashion dreams, where it’s perfectly usual to pick not one but two… maybe three Gucci bags. I on the other hand, was savvy (and unable to afford this extravagant spend) and managed to get this grey Gucci Dionysus dupe from one of the local stores for about £45, is that a steal or what?!


After this we headed up to the artistic  Monmartre which includes the incredible Sacré – couer – I’m not religious but I can appreciate beautiful churches like these, if you get the chance you should definitely visit. I found this particular visit to be really relaxing and peaceful.


We then walked down the hill to find an array of restaurants where we were truly spoilt for choice. In the end we picked a restaurant with enough variation and as usual I played it safe – so I chose fish and chips but it was a more upmarket take on the classic dish, so that counts right?


To end this fabulous day we visited the Eiffel Tower at night and on the hour there’s flashing lights running through it, very magical. But it really is beautiful and you should experience it once in your life.

Although we spent anther day in Paris after this ( we explored Jardin des Tuileries, the Arc de Triomphe, ate too much and spent our remaining euros in Sephora and on Pret soups –  hey it’s important to go out in style) this will be the last of my Paris Diaries. I hope you’ve enjoyed them and feel inspired to visit paris.

If you’ve been to Paris, what was your highlight?

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Paris Diaries: Disneyland


I just knew that my fluffy Zara cardigan was the thing to wear at Disneyland as it’s cute and glam.

I bought this cardigan in the Zara sale in July for £30, after eyeing it up every week but for the then price of £60 I just could not justify the spend. It also has a bit of a glitter touch to it which will be perfect to wear during Christmas.


I decided to team the cardigan with a simple and chic black pieces, So I took my Zara turtleneck top and Topshop black jeans but to still keep the pieces separate, I decided to wear my silver simplistic western belt to lift the look. My trusted Vivienne Westwood boots had to come with me as there is a lot of walking to do at Disneyland and my Zara chain bag as this bag is stylish and has enough room for all the unnecessary items which I carry.


This look was quite simple, but the cardigan just gives it a touch of glamour, style and just moves the look up a notch.

I visited Disney World in Florida quite a few years ago, but Disneyland Paris did not disappoint, even my experience of Tower of Terror hasn’t put me off…

Although Disney World is bigger, I was surprised at how many different areas they had in Disneyland to explore and there was so much to do for both children and adults so for £72 you really can’t go wrong. It is the happiest place on earth so if you get the chance to go, you really should! But it’s important to dress comfortably here as it is such a long day, there can be quite a wait for some of the rides and you’re constantly walking so you really don’t need the stress of achey feet.

IMG_1167   IMG_1176

Have you been to any of the Disney parks, if so what did you think?

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