Petal Print

If you’ve followed my blog for some time now, you’ll realise that I am beyond obsessed with the 70s. Now if they stopped making 70s inspired clothing I’m not sure what would be the foundation to my style, as I love suede, floral and fringing which makes up a good chunk of the 70s fashion era.


This floral bell sleeves top is ticking all the right boxes for me. It has a 70s inspired wall paper which is a big trend this season and this print can always add a bit of culture and a hippy feel to some of your most laid back outfits. Like I said, the 70s floral wallpaper trend is bigger than ever this season( honestly it’s nothing to cringe at). Pick flirty frills, big petal prints, ruffles, high necks and structured cuts and you’ll be blooming throughout spring. You can play it safe and pick typical 70s colours such as browns, pinks and oranges or you can embrace grass green for a fresh yet retro trend.


This Topshop top is very Givenchy inspired as it really takes on the hippy era by using big, bold and vintage style petals. The sleeves add a more grown up touch to a bright top that may feel childlike to some people, but like I always say, it’s how you style it! Orange works well for me especially as it contrasts nicely to my black hair and makes my skin look brighter. But if this is too bold for you, try pale blues and mint greens to ease gently into the trend.


I decided to take a leaf out of designer Chloé’s style bible and go for all over 70s glam. That’s why I chose to team this top with my black corduroy skirt from New Look, River Island fringed sandals and Chloé dupe bag from Matalan because this bag helps to create a casual look that is perfect for the day. I could even tailor the look for a festival by swapping my skirt for black denim shorts with pom pom trimmings. But I think this particular look is 70s style at it’s best without looking too try hard, whilst being the perfect outfit choice for this windy Spring period.

I would love to team this top with a silver metallic A-line skirt for a more contemporary approach to bell sleeves and retro petal prints. To keep your look fresh for this year, why not add blocked coloured accessories like white/ cream bags and sunglasses with a thick blocked colour rim.


Floral prints are timeless and easy chić to nail, but a few alterations to your accessories will see you falling in love with old clothes and new looks. Choose full bloomed patterned clothing if you don’t want to bother adding more accessories or clashing it with patterns/ blocked colours. This will be enough to do the talking and to make a statement. Wallpaper florals are more grown up, look more stylish and add a vintage finishing touch to your modern clothes and will hand you serious style points.

Will you be adding wallpaper florals to your wardrobe? Let me know!

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Bows and Bell Sleeves

It’s no secret that this spring is all about  statement sleeves. I never would have thought I’d love the trend as much as I do! Detailed sleeves have really improved my daily wardrobe  and has freshened up basic looks that I’ve worn time and time again.


I recently bought this pie crusted collar black top from Topshop with a slight bell sleeve outline for £19 and this checked mini skirt from New Look for £16 with an on trend bow. I’ve worn the look in my downtime and often choose it as a more stylish work look.

I’m a firm believer that workwear doesn’t need to be boring and you can still be a pro-fashional working gal. You just need to pick items that are either simple or have feminine cuts. You don’t need to stray from patterns and prints, they help to inject some personality to your look.


This look ticks that box because both items have just updated the classic check skirt and black top that has been a war year after year in nearly every office across the U.K. Put a bow in your skirt this year, it will help to add some spice to your style, draws on the 80s fashion revival which is big this season, and exaggerated bows can give your outfit pieces some movement.

IMG_7894      IMG_7896

I like this look has taken simple pieces of clothing and with a few finishing touches of bell sleeves and a bow it is instantly updated and can work for the office and your own time. When the weather really warms it, I’d like to add a more Chanel approach and wear some chunky loafers and a duffle side bag with this look for a more street style luxe. The power of accessories will really help to play this look as either high fashion or casual high street style and that’s what adds to the outfit’s charm.

Do you have any statement styles that you’re wearing by this spring?

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Go Green

I just love the colour green. All year round. Regardless of what fashion magazines tell me. I love everything from khaki to olive and mint to lime green. Now’s the time for you to turn a new leaf in your own personal style, in time for summer.


I bought this dress years ago from ASOS but I just love it and sometimes when I get bored of it, it’s good to just put it at the back of my wardrobe and then in a few months I stumble upon it and just love it again.

The pattern is simple and great to wear for the day and for those days that you want to have a bit of personality in the office. Green’s a powerful colour to me because  it’s not a colour that you see all the time, I love how it looks against my skin colour and there is something oh so fresh about it. You can wear pretty much any lip colour with it as well which is a mega bonus for a lipstick fiend like myself!


I feel like my style is constantly switching between my winter and spring wardrobe at the moment because the weather is being more unpredictable than normal! So this is the perfect time to pull out full sleeve dresses with simple  silhouettes and punchy prints. I opted for a non-fuss accessories approach by wearing my simple black heeled boots, silver hoop earrings and obviously my chloé dupe bag because no simplistic outfit at the moment is complete without it! The key to bold prints is to keep everything else to a minimal to make your outfit more striking and perfect for daywear or even for the night.


This dress is made of satin which adds a luxurious element to the outfit and makes it more vibrant, so pick your textures wisely. Maybe even pick textures that are can be restyled all year round. I don’t think this is a particularly daring look but some may think so because it is full on colour and green which is not a shade you see often. But you need to use the power of makeup and accessories to either highlight your look in more detail or to make your look appear more flat and safe.

Silky dresses can always be worn with or without tights, they are often a good choice to wear with polo necks and sleeveless tops just to contrast textures and create a high fashion look.

Do you dare to go bold with your prints and colour this season?

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Ornate Playsuit

Last night we celebrated my friend’s hen do  for the second time, because you can’t celebrate enough, right?

FullSizeRender 5

I bought this ornate floral playsuit from ASOS last month for £26, what a bargain! I just loved the classic traditional pyjama style with the collar and pyjama style just looks effortlessly cool. Also teal is not a colour that I often find nor wear, so this really seemed like a playsuit I needed to purchase.

Satin can be quite a tricky texture to pull off, but choosing a satin outfit in a print like floral or a geo will help you to look classy with an edge of sass. The playsuit is contrasted with red binding along the edges of the sleeves and v-neck colour which makes it more high fashion and adds an expensive quality.

I teamed the playsuit with my open toe black heels to give a more relaxed luxe feel and added my Zara chain city bag for a feminine and glam touch. I decided to play it safe with my simple  silver and gold Marc Jacobs watch, silver Pandora rings and 90s Mac Lipstick in shade – Verve.

The playsuit helped me to have a more longline silhouette and sometimes that can be hard to achieve when you were quite a busy print. If you’re worried about a detailed and busy floral print maybe choose an ornate print that has more space, pieces that create more movement and that don’t require any additional pieces to really pop. Think more styles like Alexander McQueen.

I loved that my playsuit was mainly blossom flowers but also touched upon other aspects of the environment such as; leaves, birds and bark, it’s the modern way to embrace florals. It’s also a great alternative if you don’t like too much floral or if you’re a bit bored of it.

You can also wear this style of playsuit for more casual days on holidays by wearing sandals and a small bun in your hair for a stylish yet casual look. But you can also does it up as much as you want.

Ornate patterns don’t have to be too much and over the top, it all comes down to buying subtle big pieces or more intricate floral items.

Are you a fan of oriental patterns?

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Simplistic and Inexpensive

One crisp evening in January I decided to treat myself to a grey cocoon coat in Zara that I had been dreaming about for some time, ( check out my previous post to find out more about the coat) when I stumbled across the sale for the 20th time that month. Obviously, I was in the mood to find a bargain.


Indeed I did. I came across this black zip through dress and loved the cut out effect at the back but more importantly I loved the zip at the front with a very 70s circle tag to give the dress some life. Now for £5.99 in the sale this dress was definitely coming home with me. Now if I wore this dress on it’s own it would probably look very tacky but I bought it to wear as a sort of pinafore over tops and blouses.


The few times that I have worn this dress I usually wear my grey polo neck top for a more simplistic look ( as pictured) that is ideal for work and for chilled style days. Don’t underestimate the power of wearing grey and black, these tones can create sharp looks and by wearing a powder grey coat over it, it will add more of straight silhouette that will carry you through this somewhat cold spring time in a more sophisticated way with subtle touches of style.

I think the straight silhouette of the dress and high neck collar actually helps my look to appear  more high fashion than a typical high street look. I’m looking forward to wearing my ruffle blouses underneath the dress for warmer spring days and to adopt more of and modern shakespearean style… fingers crossed that it actually works.

IMG_7904     IMG_7908

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Longline Coats


I had been after the perfect grey coat for quite some time until I came across this grey longline cocoon coat from Zara back in late December. I saw it whilst splashing out on various sale items, but because I had been after a grey coat for so long, I decided to think about it.

I then bought it a few weeks later after the sale madness had toned down. The coat was £69.99, which I don’t think was too much to spend on a coat that I’d be wearing pretty much 8 months of the year.

The light grey colour looks fresh and can be constantly updated for all the seasons, as well as this I just love the length of the coat. A longer line coat looks more high fashion and can make you appear slimmer and taller, I wear this coat to work most days and I always feel the need to wear heeled boots with the look and for a more casual approach I sometimes just wear flats.

I prefer longer line coats as most of the time I tend to wear shorter skirts and I like the contrast between shorter hemlines and longer coats. When I’m wearing jeans with the coat I prefer to opt for a more high fashion streetwear take by wearing my chloé inspired bag across my body for a current look and most of the time it’s more practical for when I’m shopping!

img_7807    img_7809

Considering that I’m not tall, I tend to stick to longline coats that are slim fitted as I don’t want to look too unshapely, especially if I want to wear more loose fitted layers underneath.

When you’re buying a more expensive longline coat, it’s probably better that you choose colours such as grey, black, navy or khaki as these are colours are classic, never go out of fashion and can be clashed well against many other shades and patterns.

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Bloom With Florals


I think this is one of my favourite outfits and I’ve waited until the 1st March to post it because as it’s the first day of spring so the florals seem appropriate and it’s one of my favourite seasons for fashion! I was having a quick browse in Zara one lunch time and came across this ruffled, bell sleeved AND floral print blouse – can you nail any more trends in one top?! I loved the colour and although it’s quite a busy and vibrant floral print, it works and can just spruce up my daytime wardrobe.

img_7856    img_7863

Now for £25.99 it was a no brainier for me, I had to have it. Also I knew I was celebrating my birthday so obviously me being me, I needed a ‘birthday’ look and this top just happened to drop into my hands.

I’ve only worn the top with a black a-line suede skirt for the daytime but for Spring I am definitely teaming it with my pastel pink skirt from Zara, like pictured. Unfortunately for me, the weather keeps getting in the way of my style. I can’t help but feel this look is a bit Dolce and Gabbana in the double spread of Vogue and that is possibly why I am obsessed with the look.


Now I’m all for embracing pastels for spring but this year I’m taking a leaf out of Michael Kors‘ book and clashing pastels clothes with darker shades of the pastel colour ( in this instance pink) or by using prints to embrace the style and to exaggerate the style.

I love that the blouse has some oomph and femininity about it with the ruffle panels running parallel along the blouse. It touches upon the victorian era but it has a more contemporary fresh feel with the floral print.


I am obsessed with bell sleeves (and there will be at least another post soon about another bell sleeve top that I own) I just love that a sleeve can make such a statement and can make an outfit have much more attitude about it. I was definitely trying to channel the 70s with this look so in my opinion I think the bell sleeves subtly give the overall look a polished 70s flourish.

I think the black edging details on the zip of the skirt and small specks throughout the blouse really helps to make the look mature and gives a more high fashion ( yes I’m thinking D&G too) feel as opposed to a ‘Tammy girl’ replica. I would team this with my black Chloé  inspired bag to give it an european street style luxe.

img_7843_fotor  img_7859_fotor

To complete this look, I chose my TopShop blue pale blue tinted sunglasses as I think they instantly make any outfit look spring cool and the round shape is ultra 70s sass! If you’re a fan of clashing pastels like myself, you’ll notice how the use of a stylish pair of sunglasses like these will enable all parts of the outfit to take centre stage!

I cannot wait to keep wearing this outfit throughout summer and to feel like a walking D&G advert.

What do you think to the look and the idea of clashing pastels? Leave a comment 🙂

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Embroidered layering


img_5880I spotted this embroidered tuelle top from Zara a few weeks ago and loved the casual cool element of it. Sometimes embroidery can look very feminine and rich for daywear but there is something so stylish about this mesh overlay top.

For £19.99 was I really going to sit there and ponder about how much I’d wear it? No way this was instantly added to my cart and we went straight through to checkout! Embroidery is often so expensive but you have to fish out the detailed and expensive looking embroidery from the cheap ones. As I waited for this top to arrive I spotted it in my local Zara store and the quality of the embroidery is really good, with excellent colour and so much intricate detail on the front and running along the sleeves.


img_5881    img_5879

I decided to wear the top over a high neck white sleeveless top for a more high fashion style. This look is perfect for more dressed down days teamed with some black loafers as pictured. By wearing a white top underneath it helps the coloured embroidery to really come through and I quite like the light grey tone that the two tops give when combined.

This is a top that I think I’ll be wearing throughout spring because it’s an absolute steal of an item that can be dressed up or down! Perhaps for winter I’ll  team it with an oversized cardigan and a thick belt weaving through my skinny jeans.

What are your thoughts on embroidery?

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Go Green

Last weekend I went to Manchester to celebrate my friends hen do. But before that great weekend, I was stressing about getting an outfit for the night that was sassy.

On an ASOS browsing spree my sister came across this and I just loved the batwing cold shoulder cut, kimono look and obviously the bottle green shade.


Green’s not a colour that I usually wear but it’s one of my favourite colours to wear. To complete the look I wore my paperclip Vivienne Westwood earrings and open toe heels for a more grown up glam. I wanted to create a more demure look so I wore a combination of nude lipsticks from Mac.

Although it’s a plunge neckline, it wasn’t too revealing and the kimono tie belt helps to make it more of a style statement. I forgot to pack my thin necklaces which would have had added a bit more character to the look and I’ve seen Beyoncé work this look with a few plunge styles that she’s worn!

I think the cold shoulder detail and the split side are subtle ways to look classy yet sassy on a night out and in this case it makes the plunge neckline loo quite feminine. I think I’ll be wearing this dress again…

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Kimono PJ Blouse



I recently bit the bullet and splurged on this embroidered pyjama blouse. At £49, it was a big decision but so worth it. I just know this is going to be a top that will be worn all the time during the next few months and I’m sure later on in the year it will be used as a layering piece for the colder months.

The pyjama style is still big this season and that’s probably because the relaxed fit works for both day wear and evening wear. I decided to team this TopShop blouse tucked very slightly into some mid wash denim skinny jeans from Zara for a 90s feel – I’m thinking Kate Moss in the 90s. By tucking your kimono sleeved blouse very slightly at the front it helps to draw on a masculine style yet looks very casual-chić.

fullsizerender-2     fullsizerender-3

The soft floral embroidery gives the blouse an oriental on trend touch. This blouse comes in a monochrome blouse as well, but I think the rose hue has more character and looks a little bit more expensive.

The boxy cut of the blouse will look great worn over an a-line pink or white skirt, sandals and a longline shoulder bag in an off white shade for a more off duty spring style. For now you could always wear a longline sleeveless blazer over the shirt to draw more attention to the kimono feminine sleeves and to highlight the intricate detail of the floral pattern.


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